On a shelf in an antique armoire in my bedroom, carefully wrapped, is an alligator clutch the color of cognac. Whenever I unwrap the clutch to carry it, I smile. This clutch is discreet, so small it fits in the palm of my hand. It has history. It was made long ago by a European master craftsman who meant its beauty to endure � and it has. This clutch has been carried with pride by a series of mothers and daughters until, at last, it came to me.

I founded Salang for customers like me who would rather own a few extraordinary accessories they�ll enjoy for a lifetime, than 100 mass-produced pieces with mediocre charms as ephemeral as last year�s fashions. I want to sell you only handmade artisan jewelry, Italian designer jewelry and fine accessories that you will treasure as much as I treasure my little alligator clutch. Everything Salang sells is handmade, limited-edition and designed to blend effortlessly with your next Salang purchase.

I am delighted to present to you the work of brilliant jewelry designers whose pieces are unquestionably fashionable. This jewelry has appeared in the pages of European fashion magazines such as Italian Vogue. Yet this jewelry is also timeless, and so iconic that some pieces have been shown in art galleries and museums.

I am proud to offer you a small selection of handbags made especially for Salang by a family in Italy that has been hand-stitching purses for some of the world�s most elegant women since 1905. I believe in practical luxuries. So I have clutches made in Salang�s distinctive palette of bronze and pewter so they may be carried in summer or winter, day or night.

Salang, which has a by-appointment showroom in Bethesda, MD, has become a secret source for elegant women throughout the Washington D.C. region. I offer extraordinary personal service to our local customers. Now I�m delighted to offer many of the same services and elegant goods to you at www.SalangOnline.com

Fair warning: you just might have to get used to women sprinting across theater lobbies and quiet restaurants to rave about one of your Salang purchases and ask:: where did you get that? Whether or not you choose to tell is up to you.

Salang Founder