Ziio necklace handmade in Italy with lapis lazuli, garnet, burned jade, black tourmaline and sterling silver. This artisan Italian statement necklace is part of our extensive collection of Ziio jewelry.
High-fashion statement bracelet is by Italian designer Ziio. Salang stocks hundreds of Ziio earrings, Ziio braceletsand Ziio necklaces.
Lapis lazuli Ziio bracelet with a sterling silver button clasp.
Lotus Black

This artisan necklace is the kind of elegantly
romantic memento that too few lovers know to
give or wear. It is handmade in Italy with black
agate, garnet, burned jade, lapis lazuli, black
tourmaline, brass, 925 silver andan edging of tiny
bronze Murano glass beads. Limited edition.
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